Retainer Insurance

Some schools prefer to manage their own caretaking and cleaning operations, but often run into difficulties when it comes to ensuring staff are adequately trained and supported and that the quality of service being delivered is of an acceptable standard, particularly when staff are absent through sickness or holidays.

This is where we can assist by providing invaluable and cost effective support in terms of relief staff, training, quality assurance and technical advice.

We are pleased to be able to offer those schools who wish to deliver their own services with an option to buy in to our popular “Retainer Insurance Policy”.

This provides a range of options depending on which level is chosen. Based on the overall
square metreage of the premises we will determine the annual fee to access the selcted range
of services.

Our relief staff are supplied at an all inclusive additional hourly rate cost.

Policy 1
• Planned short term cleaner or caretaker cover
• Emergency relief cover
• Basic hygiene monitoring
• Advice, guidance and access to training
• Assistance to the school in the selection and recruitment of cleaners-in charge/caretakers
• Advice on cleaning and caretaking matters
• Three quality inspections per year to British Institute of Cleaning Science quality standards
• Discounted rates for training in-house staff in cleaning, caretaking techniques and health
   and safety

Policy 2
As Policy 1 and including:
• A fully documented annual risk assessment and report of your own in-house cleaning operations